Makeup Artist:

Once a year, fashion comes together for a night out to showcase its fullest potential, otherwise known as the Met Gala. With every attendee also means the arrival of their glam squad prepped and ready to dominate fashion & arts biggest night of the year . Liv Madorma, a Virginia resident makeup artist, one of whom has worked on countless projects with us here at JLUXLABEL, also had the opportunity to assist Patrick Ta at this year’s Met Gala. Both worked together to create some of this year’s most impeccable makeup looks for the pink carpet. JLUXLABEL's head photographer, Shaun Vadella, had the pleasure of interviewing Liv as she gave us a bit of behind the scenes look into this highly anticipated event. 

JLUXLABEL: Okay first things first, you must still be feeling all the excitement from Monday - tell us all about it! We’re dying to hear about your experience!

LIV MADORMA: It was nothing short of crazy amazing! SO FUN. It was wild seeing everything go down - we were running from room to room trying to get everyone ready in time.

JLUXLABEL: So what did that day’s schedule look like, obviously it wasn’t your standard 9-5 right?

LIV MADORMA: Well we had our first client around 9:30am, another at 12:00pm, and our final client at 3:00pm, but we needed to have everyone ready to go by 5:00pm. The time went by SO fast, it felt like within the blink of an eye we were done. Once we finished, I remember just looking at Patrick and saying, “wow, that was crazy!” We ended our day at about 1:00am because of afterparty looks we needed to do touchups on and quick changes. We did have about a 2-3 hour break in-between which gave us a quick breather, but regardless it was a hectic blast!

JLUXLABEL: Were you able to sneak into the Met yourself?

LIV MADORMA: [laughing] No, our team just waited at the same hotel for our clients to come back for afterparty switches and touchups. Luckily we all stayed at the same hotel so we didn’t have to run all over NYC to meet our clients again.

Camila Coelho 
Image By:  @camilacoelho
Candace Swanepoel & Joan Smalls
Image By: @patrickta

JLUXLABEL: So Patrick’s team was responsible for Victoria’s Secret bombshells Candace Swanepoel, Joan Smalls, and blogger Camila Coelho’s makeup that night.I mean we literally can’t right?

LIV MADORMA: No I can’t. I just literally cant. Their beauty is out of this world insane. 

JLUXLABEL : Let’s talk about that gorgeous eye look on Joan. It was so different and something we haven’t really seen before. Can you tell us more how that look was achieved? 

LIV MADORMA: Patrick hand drew the eye design which was insanity. Then Patrick glued the crystals which was so fun and innovative. Patrick actually practiced on me the night before we left and face timed Joan to show her a preview. I can’t get over how it was such a cool experience to witness that process of creative minds meeting together.

JLUXLABEL: How does the glam team come up with the overall inspiration? Who decides what the makeup look will be?

LIV MADORMA: Joan’s look was a collaborative idea with Patrick. She saw her dress and was really inspired by its pattern, then also more triangle patterns. From there they both thought about how they could make it more innovative, more camp, and more glam.

JLUXLABEL: Obviously Candace is already a glowing goddess, but what was the makeup approach for her look?

LIV MADORMA: So honestly, and I’m not just saying this because I’m Patrick’s assistant trust me, but his sprays are everything and then some. We used them on both girls because they’re SO good for achieving that gorgeous glow. The technique for mastering dewy skin is placing powder on the proper areas - so more in center of the face, focusing on the areas where people tend to get oily. Essentially you want to oil control the correct areas. His sprays are amazing because they eliminate any harsh lines because the spray diffuses the highlight versus a traditionally applied powder highlight with a brush would.

JLUXLABEL: We understand bronzer is as equally important in getting a glowy look. Any pro techniques you could share with us for that? Any bronzers in particular that are favorites in your makeup bag?

LIV MADORMA: I cannot get enough of KKW bronzers. They are beautiful because they have the perfect tones - not too warm, not too cool. They give you more of sun kissed bronzed look that everyone wants. Also, instead of sweeping the powder product, you want to dab it into the skin. This way everything melts together and eliminates harsh lines.

 Joan Smalls
Image by: @joansmalls 
Candice Swanepoel
Image by: @Patrickta 

JLUXLABEL: Okay you’ve covered everything that we were dying to know about doing glam for the Met - can we talk about personal experiences and how you and Patrick came to work together? Is it easy to say Patrick is the biggest influence you’ve had thus far in your makeup career? 

LIV MADORMA: 100% Patrick was the reason why I moved to LA. It’s funny because the first year I moved here, I remember him posting about how he needed a second assistant. At first I was like I don’t know, I’m a little nervous so I didn’t end up applying because I was still trying to get settled in my career and living somewhere new. Then a few months later he posted again and I thought, “okay now I need to apply for this.” I sent him a video and told him,"You’re literally the reason why I moved to LA” and the rest is history.

JLUXLABEL: His team is filled with amazing makeup artists which we also know from having personally worked with them on our own JLUX photoshoots. How has it been working with them?

LIV MADORMA: As far as everyone he’s worked with, Carly, Jen, and Sarah - we all immediately got along and it feels like home now. When you work with people that you respect and people you get along with, it doesn’t even feel like work.

JLUXLABEL: There’s no doubt you’re killing your goals right now. What are some future goals you have in mind? Would you ever want to get into makeup development or do you enjoy strictly being the artist?

LIV MADORMA: You know I love creating and I would love to continue being the artist. Editorial work is something that I would really enjoy getting more into. Also making people feel beautiful - I live for the moments when my clients look in the mirror and say they feel so beautiful and empowered by the look I’ve created for them. So that is a goal I continuously strive for.

JLUXLABEL: You’ve worked with so many big names already, but is there a dream client on your list? Is there anyone you haven’t done yet that you would love to get your hands on?

LIV MADORMA: I would DIE to do Kendall Jenner and I would DIE to do Billie Eilish. Also Hailey Bieber.