Earlier this year we introduced our influencer program with the intention of creating opportunities to work with a more diverse group of influencers. By including women of all shapes and sizes we hope that our customers will relate, be inspired, and visualize more of themselves wearing our brand. Our first collaboration that stemmed from this program was set in the Hollywood Hills featuring the stunning Johanna Rose Cabildo. The JLUX pieces paired perfectly with the luxurious setting to create a modern, cozy chic, and enticing vision. To gain a closer look into what inspires Johanna on the daily, keep reading our quick Q&A down below:

Q & A with Johanna

Q. What made you want to place a submission on our influencer program? 

A. Aside from all of the pieces being drop-dead gorgeous, I had the luxury of being referred to the influencer program by one of the JLUXLABEL's finest designers, Quytin. I absolutely adore the brand and the team. There isn't one piece from the JLUXLABEL collection that I wouldn't wear. 

Q. When did you know you wanted to model? 

A. I knew I wanted to model since I was a little girl. When I used to dance, I looked forward to the photoshoots more than the recitals.

..... I suffered from sever eczema since I was infant and after being bullied in high school, it took me quite some time to regain any sore of confidence. I lost my passion to be in photos and ever refused to look in a mirror because I was ashamed of my looks. After the physical scars became less intense, I really started to push myself out of my comfort zone. It was the only way to heal emotionally. Confidence is everything. If I have a daughter one day I want to be able to tell her that I was able to overcome to my past. 

Q. What was your favorite look of the shoot? 

A. My favorite look of the shoot had to be the Rogue Denim Belted Jacket Feature. I love the idea of modern-vintage. The design was stunning. The look was a solid combination of chic, classic and fierce. Im a sucker for anything blue and any excuse to show a little leg. 

Favorite Look! 

Rogue Denim Belted Jack | Bikini Bottoms

Q. Who inspires you? 

A. Just about everyone I meet has their own unique way of inspiring me. I believe that you can find beauty and inspiration in anything and anyone. Everyone and everything has a story to tell - its your choice to listen. 

Q. Tell us a quote you live by? 

A. "No Pressure, No Diamonds."  If you want to be the best version of yourself - expect that nothing will come easy. Respect is earned, not given. If you don't push past your comfort zone, you'll never be the person you intended to grow into. 

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