MOOD                                                                                                                                                (BOARD).

UP CLOSE and personal with my mood board. I draw inspo from everywhere, instagram (obvi), furniture, magazine clippings, cocktails, nature and even  shadows. I love being surrounded by beautiful things and images and incorporating that inspo into original designs.

WITH INSPO being so accessible on Pinterest, tumblr and Instagram  it gets kind of hard to keep track of it all. I like saving the images I really love to my collections, then camera roll, then adding them to my tumblr, to keep everything in one place. If I really love a photo and want to reference it later, I will favorite it in my camera roll to make it accessible. 

HERE is an up close look at some of my original collages. While they don't feature 'JLUX' they embody what is hot and in the now and help me visualize ideas for shoots, stories, and blog posts, like this one! Being a fashion company is more than just selling clothes, it's selling a lifestyle, delivering trends and helping us all feel as if we are part of current culture

"It's not just a LABEL, it's a LIFESTYLE"

JASMIN DOWLING (@jasmindowling) one of my favorite designer/creatives created this graphic. In this day and age it is an important note to remember. While we love making our IG super visually appealing and love collabing with influencers that do the same, we strongly believe you are more than your feed. Each of us is unique, special and is more than just the pictures we take. 

ALL images appearing on the inspo board and in the collages are not original and have been taken from Instagram if you would like to know who is the owner of a certain image, leave a comment below and ask!

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