Step into the world of sophistication with our 'Textures & Tones' collection. Inspired by natural elegance, our new designs bring you a symphony of fine textures and soft tones, each highlighting our commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Luxuriate in the softness of cable knits, the modern touch of metallics, and refinement of mesh, all curated in a palette of neutral tones for timeless appeal.
  • beige
  • black
  • brown
  • cream
  • gold
  • green
  • grey
  • ivory
  • orange
  • pink
  • red
  • yellow
Gold Brias Necklace - JLUXLABEL Gold Brias Necklace - JLUXLABEL


Gold Brias Necklace

$17.99 USD
Joyaa Hinge Bracelet - JLUXLABEL Joyaa Hinge Bracelet - JLUXLABEL


Joyaa Hinge Bracelet

$22.99 USD

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